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Welcome to St Philip's Preschool Kindergarten

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St Philip’s Preschool Kindergarten is a Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) community kindergarten with a child centred, play based curriculum that aims to develop life skills and competencies.

There is an onging focus on early literacy and early numeracy development. Records and assessments are kept for each child in their portfolio stored in the boxes at the entranceway. Regular discussions with parents about learning and progress is a priority.

Our local DECD schools include Nailsworth Primary, Walkerville Primary, Prospect North Primary, Vale Park Primary and Hampstead Primary. Other schools include St Monica’s Parish School, St Martin’s Catholic Primary School, St Paul’s Lutheran School, Cedar College, Rosary School and St Gabriel’s School.

Whether you are a new parent or a parent of a child currently attending our kindy we hope that your time with us will be enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your child.

If you would like to register your child to attend our kindy, please complete the form below.

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